Monday, December 18, 2006

Coq Au Trice

Well, the story here is pretty self explanatory; First is an email from me to my brother, then my brother's reply.

First Email:
I'm sure you'll be amused to know someone turned up on my blog, looking for Coq au Trice on google (It's no 2! It's the only one if you put quotes around it).

I must put the recipe, or a report up, to make my blog the no 1 sauce of information on Coq Au Trice on the internet. (Or better yet get lots of people to link to it, as that's one of the things the googlebot measures).

Second Email:

Coq au trice.
Aka 3 bird multi bird roast.


3 Coc's. Various sizes.
Sausage meat.
Herbs and

Get your mate Nick's local Butcher to tunnel bone some birds. We used a partridge, a pheasant and a turkey*. Remove the skin and limbs of the smaller birds and use for stock/nibbles. Mix the breadcrumbs, sausage, herbs and that together to make stuffing. Lay out the biggest bird and smear the inside with the stuffing. Put
the next largest inside and open and put stuffing on that. Put in the smallest bird. Pull together and find that you cannot tie the turkey up with the string. Remove some of the stuffing and then tie it up. Stick bacon on any exposed skin.

Roast for a long time. Baste when ever possible.

As the legs and wings are still on the turkey it should look a bit like a turkey but instead of bones in side it has 2 other birds making it easy to carve and to impress.

* Please note that you will need 4 birds for a 4 bird multi roast, 5 for a 5 bird multi roast, 6 for a.... you get the picture. I would suggest only using a fatty bird like goose or duck on the outside.

Other varieties are the individual starter coc au trice using hummingbird, Robin and thrush.

Or the often forgotten 18th century recipe using Dodo, Moa and Giant Moa stuffed with Breadfruit. You can get the ingredients at specialist shops and some supermarkets.

I hope that your blog becomes the world centre of knowledge of c.o.t. and any help you need I will provide.