Monday, December 09, 2013

365 Poems in 365 Years: Poetry Day!

Writing on games for national poetry day
So I suppose it’s words which we’re going to play
Hidden meanings and allusions in all that we say
Strangers, confused, look on in dismay
Will it make sense? I think that it may.

Wrote this for creative writing classwork. It's on games as that was the topic for national poetry day two years ago. I am well up to date, me.

I wrote a poem for the Poetry Society competition, actually on water, this years topic, but sadly it will be disqualified if I 'publish' it here before the announcement date (March sometime?) thereby forfeiting my entry fee. Which means I wrote a poem but can't put it up here and count it towards the 365. Great planning! It also makes this one number 326.
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