Tuesday, December 24, 2013

365 Poems in 365 Days: Mystery of Mysteries

Number 358 is another letter from Lacey Lee, in reply to this one. All the Lacey Lee, Lady Detective, letters can be found in one place by clicking on this link. Click away! Due to the nature of blogging, the earliest can be found at the bottom and the newest, currently this entry, at the top.

Dear J S Plank
    It seems that fate
Has brought your letter not too late
As I have finished up the cases on my plate
And been stood up on my holiday date
I made the demolition hesitate
Until I had the evidence out the gate
(Some rubbish mixed in, not time to discriminate)
So my thanks; no hard feelings at any rate
From how you tried to discredit me at the Tate
(Still, I should not have taken the bait
Even when Inspector Jones began to berate)
I hope to soon wipe these criminals off the slate
Sincerely, Lacey Lee
  PS I'm sending some cigarettes in a crate
For you to have when it's time to celebrate
My bringing down the man we mutually hate

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