Tuesday, December 10, 2013

365 Poems in 365 Days: Boxing (Not) Clever

What’s in the box
Is it a rock
Or socks
A pair of crocs
A set of blocks
Or something that mocks
What’s in the box?

Number 331 is about boxes. The tutor in our creative writing group brought in a wrapped box and we riffed off it in class, five minutes for each. Here are my two:

The box will never be opened.

It was left by someone, at some point, during the disasterous New Year party. Who, John and Mary never saw. Was it a relative who wouldn't talk to them again? Or a friend too embarrassed to refer to the events.

It got cleared away into a bag with the Christmas decorations.

I am silence and shadow and cannot be seen by mortal eyes. I am the secret darkness in your heart. Trapped in the box since the light of creation lit up the sky I have been kept from the world. Now, though, I have been given as time's most terrible gift. When you open it - and open it you will - it will seem as though the box is empty, but you will never forget it.

Number 2 riffs off some of my elf poems, and Pandora's box too. I'm not totally happy with that, but "time's most terrible gift" is a phrase that needs to be used again.
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