Friday, December 13, 2013

365 Poems in 365 Days: Obligatory Christmas Stuff

Number 345 was for last night's writer's circle, where the theme was Xmas. I was stuck, so wrote this! The title is not 100% accurate.

I Couldn’t Come Up With Anything Christmassy So I Wrote About Not Having Anything To Say About Christmas

I don’t have anything to say about
Christmas that a hundred thousand people
Haven’t already said sometime this week.
Many of them with better words than I
Would use. In all, perhaps I should just go
Right back to basics, try to find and seek
The true meaning. Christ’s birthday. Well not his
Actual birthday. A celebration of
Some possible messianic mystique.

Alright there’s more. The whole family get
Together. Sending cards, and the presents.
Good choice, bad choice. It’s a matter of luck.
There will be eating and drinking galore.
An enormous roast dinner (not turkey;
For reasons I won’t give we’re having duck).
At some point I’ll have drunk far too much booze,
But maybe this time I won’t regret it,
Stay unhungover, not run amuck.

December grows older and the nights draw
In. For once I seem to have the shopping
Pretty sorted and not left it too late.
Is it really two weeks to go? If I
Believed the adverts and the music I
Would think it was already at the date.
As I said I don’t really have much
To say about Christmas. Maybe I should
Just stay quiet wait for New Year’s clean slate.

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