Sunday, September 13, 2009

Internal Soundtrack

While at a wedding, the father of the bride revealed that she had been conceived while he was in the holy land playing Jesus in a film[1]. This explains so much! But it did mean I had an internal soundtrack to the rest of the speeches:

The Stone Roses, Love Spreads
Let me put you in the picture, let me show you what I mean
The messiah is my sister, ain't no king man, she's my queen

I have a dream, I've seen the light
Don't put it out, say she's alright, yeah, she's my sister

The song wasn't terribly appropriate to the occasion. Some friends who are getting married next summer need a first dance song, but sadly I will have to deal this one out of my unsolicited suggestions.

[1] Not during his actual performance; it wasn't that kind of film.
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