Thursday, September 24, 2009


Tough day. But let's ignore that and instead have a quick chat with Pupil R.

[Pupil R]: You should invite us all over to your pad[1] for a party.
Me: I don't think that would be appropriate.
[Pupil R]: Appropriate, Shamopriate.

Google gives me a hit on the word, but it doesn't seem to be on the page. Pupil R has coined a new word. I put "Appropriate, Shamopriate" up on the board.

This goes with the new word from Tuesday "Mathabetes", a rare disease which means that Pupil A can't do too much maths, apparently.

Later on Pupil R turned up for an after school session as I was leaving.

[Pupil R]: We're going to tell everyone that you said you've got a crush on [Miss V].
Me: Actually, you said that, and made the whole thing up.
[Pupil R]: Would I do that?
[Miss V, appearing from around the corner]: What's going on here?
Me: They're making up stories about me.
[Miss V, to the pupils]: They're all true.

Pause as Miss V enters her classroom.

[Pupil R]: See?

I think I kept fairly calm for that, especially since I'd had my tie peanuted by a 12 year old half an hour before, and had to give them a full-scale telling off.

This is what I listened to on repeat on the way home.

[1] I was not the one referring to it as a pad.
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