Friday, September 18, 2009

Conversation Of The Day

[Pupil L]: If there's a question I don't like the look of, can I skip it?
Me: If you have a problem with a question you should ask me or the girls behind you...
[Pupil L]: I have a phobia of even numbered questions[1].
Me: That problem is so weird I can't possibly engage with it on a Friday afternoon.


Me: It's worse than that. This worksheet is so shoddily put together that question 3 has been mislabelled as question 2.
[Pupil L]: I'm going to do question 5. Can I have a probobulator?
Me: I'll get you a protractor.

This lesson went really well!

[1] I think the fear of even numbers would be artiophobia. Sadly this gets one hit on google, so I cannot claim it as a new word. My knowledge of Greek is insufficient to coin a suitable phobia for fear of even numbered questions.
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