Tuesday, March 03, 2009

More News From The 21st Century

Over on a discussion of recent technological innovations on Charlie Stross' blog, Alex notes
Manly-Warringah Rugby League club, since last night the world champs, have added a GPS data logger to their players' equipment, so their stats guy can analyse precisely where they move on the park and how fast. They're networked, too, so statto gets real-time data. Aussie RL clubs tend to be very innovative with stats, they were doing complex spatial things when British RL was doing tackle counts at most and football thought ProZone was science fiction.

This also means it's possible to simultaneously blog and play rugby league.

Which has stalled my brain[1]. Clearly to kickstart I should just glance through the papers for some science news that isn't weird:
How the smell of rotten eggs makes men randy

Scientists take eight transsexuals and a whiff of hydrogen sulphide to begin making an alternative to Viagra

It makes yesterday (when I was measured by a team of Year 9s and have had my height and forearm length[2] immortalised in 15 scattergraphs) seem positively normal.

[1] Actually it hasn't, but you don't want to hear about my ideas for a Rugby League twitter feed
[2] 196cm and 34 cm respectively