Thursday, March 19, 2009

Conversation of the day

Pupil A: Sir, Sir, do you know you have a secret admirer?
Me: You're not doing very good job of keeping it secret. [Walks away, smirking]
Pupil A: Eh?
Pupil B: He thinks you're the secret admirer.
Pupil A: What? Me? No! It's not me sir! Oh no!


Susan de Guardiola said...

I remain intrigued/impressed that schoolchildren in the UK call their teachers sir instead of "Mr. Willcox"! I only got called "miss" without my last name by a few students.

Neil W said...

We tended to say Mr ___ at my school, 15 miles down the road, but sir got used as well. In part, I get called sir a lot as my name isn't on the timetable and they've all forgotten who I am from when I was introduced.

That said, there are a couple in this class who are edging towards making a "cox" joke; they're constrained by the fact it has to have a perfectly innocent meaning in case I get upset and are only 13 and 14 so they aren't yet used to making witty double entendres.