Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Cake Is A Lie

(Pulled out from email and social network in case I missed anyone)

I was talking to my parents about Christmas arrangements. "Do you want me to make a christmas cake?" I asked.

"Erm..." said Mum. "You can make it, but I won't be having any," said Dad.

"Shall I make some mincemeat?" I followed up.

"Ooh yes," says Mum. "Definitely," says Dad. I think that's fairly clear. Nevertheless, I'm still thinking of making a christmas cake. That will inevitably leave no one coming round over Christmas, and none of them wanting cake.

Last night I discovered Claire soaking a christmas cake in brandy. It's not for her, and her Mum will make her own. So someone is getting a Claire christmas cake. I don't know who.

So this leaves me two questions:

1. Is anyone likely to turn up over the Christmas period wanting cake? (I'm thinking Christmas Eve in particular)

2. Who is the mystery cake recipient?
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