Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Dedication To The Aesthetic

It seems to be dump finish everything in my brain drafts folder or notebook on the blog week. When if I run out of ideas there might also a post on all the things in the notebook that I'm not going to develop further, but might be entertaining for a moment.

As the next piece of fiction needs some more work, let me instead draw your attention to this music video which has clearly been taken out of a 1970 film; Pull Shapes by The Pipettes. (YoutubeLink)

It's that Phil Spector manufactured Girl Group Pop that has often been imitated but never improved on. Except it isn't. Sadly this film doesn't exist so we can't add it to the ever increasing list for movie night. The Pipettes are a 21st Century Brighton-based group, as a swift listen to the lyrics will indicate[1] (in addition, I'd tend to say "Throw Out Some Shapes" rather than "Pull Shapes" but I'm not really down with the hip kids who live in Brighton so what do I know?)

I'd considered starting this post with their song ABC which has less lyrical anachronisms, and has early 60s cartoon images which are as spot-on as the live action in Pull Shapes but in general it's not as impressive to create an accurate 60s-style cartoon as an accurate 1970-style live action. Nevertheless: ABC (Youtube link)

(I love the line "He knows all about the sonic spectrum, damn it/ but he don't know if it's groovy".)

Did I say we can't watch that film? Well that's not quite true. Does this look familiar at all? (Youtube link).

Russ Meyer's classic and somewhat incoherent sexploitation film Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls. Well no wonder Pull Shapes looks like it's a scene in a 1970 film.

(The title of this post has been stolen from Sarah who has previously requested more dedication to the aesthetic.)

[1] Actually they sound like a 21st Century London-based group, which is interesting as Gwenno who takes the lead on this song is Welsh.
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