Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Secret Diary of Major Squick 2

Major Squick's Pick-Me-Up and Sovr'n Remedy for the effects suffered the Morning After The Night B'for, as well as experienced on sundry other occ'sns unrelated to overindulgence, namely nausea, headpain, aversion to light, aversion to noise, furrie tongue, impolite breath, general malaise &tc. &tc. as well as providing healthful benefits to convalescents, expectant mothers, growing children and ladies of A Certain Age, in addition to which it offers aphrod'scl properties

2 fresh eggs
Juice of an orange
Juice of a lemon
2.5 fl oz brandy
2 teaspoons all spice
some old ale

Beat the eggs, lemon and orange juice and brandy together. Add the all spice. Add old ale to achieve correct consistency.

I can't recommend this as a remedy, as a breakfast or, indeed, at all. One thing we can tell from this is that Major Squick had a very strong stomach.

Assuming of course that this was not intended as a purgative.

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