Sunday, May 18, 2008


"Will you be entertaining while we're away?" asked my Mum shortly before I house sat for her. "One does one's best," I replied. So here are the two absolute simplest recipes from last weeks dinner.

Garlic Butter (previously noted in passing)

1/2 pack of butter (125g)
1 clove garlic
a small handful of parsley, finely chopped (more finely chopped than I usually chop it anyway)

Get the butter out the fridge at least an hour before you need it. Put it in a bowl. Crush the garlic directly into the bowl and add the parsley. Now squeeze and mix the butter and everything else together and leave to sit for a few minutes.

Garlic butter is useful for getting garlic flavour into just about anything, but I like to get really big mushrooms, lie them on their lids and put the butter between the stalk and the rim. Then bake for 15-20 minutes. Super large garlic mushrooms! Try not to spill the butter when you get them out the oven.

Raspberry Frozen Yogurt

1 large pot of Greek-style Yogurt
1 tin of the cheapest tinned raspberries in syrup
1 dessert spoon sugar

This relies on having an ice cream maker, preferably my Mum's as I actually know how to use it. Cool the ice cream maker down. Add the ingredients to it, then set it to churn for at least half an hour, until it stops being a gooey mess and expands to twice it's original size. Eat it quickly before it melts.

This works best with the cheapest soggiest tinned fruit as it just melts away into the yogurt (except for the seeds). As it's in syrup, you don't need to add much extra sugar. It's win, win, win!