Monday, October 30, 2006

Plug Time

Siobhan, my brother's regular companion, does quite a lot of work for charity. Her latest project is a charity gig. Since everyone involved is a volunteer, and anyway the plan is to fill the place by word of mouth, the flyers[1] aren't ready yet, so I can't just copy the details off one. [Update: Flyer is now available and can be seen at the Gig website] However, before I forget, here's my blog-flyer[2]:

Holierthanthoudogooders present

A bunch of Kunifunts

Threewheeler - (Have had a decent write up in Time Out and I'm now assured are this band)
DJ Vinyl Ritchie - (Has also had a decent write up in Time Out, and has a very cool name - my brother tells me that he is worth the entry fee alone)

At: Ad Lib,246 Fulham Road, 11 November 2006.

Doors Open 1900. £6 Entry, of which every single penny goes to

It's also Siobhan's birthday, so if you go and see her, don't forget to go over and wish her a good one.

Note: This will pop up to the top of the blog nearer the date, and also if I make any changes.

Update: In the interests of full disclosure, I'm putting the text of my brother's invite below:

Afternoon Geezers and Geezettes,

If you don't want to spend eternity
having your bits roasted by Satan then you should redeem your sinfullness by
coming along to Siobhan's charity gig night on Saturday 11th November. All the
details are on the e-flyer and it is on the King's Road so those of you with a
nervous disposition don't have to come to the ghetto where i live. It is a
genuine charity and they do lots of good work with blind kids and people with
less limbs than is good for them.

The first band are reasonably popular
but i find them a bit dreary however Vinyl Ritchie is worth the entrance fee
himself. It is only £6 which doesn't even get you an African orphan these days.

Anyway i realise it is a bit late in the day to send it out and i only
really expect Leon and Dave to attend as they have a long history of charity

See u then and forward on to anyone that may have been missed

I apologise for his dubious theology.

[1] Which will be created by a real life artist!
[2] Yuck. I hope noone uses that word again.
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