Monday, October 16, 2006

Dream Diary 5

I'm in a posh hotel. It's full of public school boys. I'm going to be sitting a public school exam. Somewhere in a parallel set of rooms are the public school girls, as I keep catching glimpses of them through doorways. I'm not as tall as I normally am.

I'm served overcooked roast beef with black forest gateau sauce. The "sauce" is just a piece of gateau. Except it's the black forest gateau I baked for Vas' party, damn it.

I'm watching Pride and Prejudice except, as always, there have been many many changes. Most of the action is taking place on top of a hill which has a manhole to a tunnel leading back to the house. Two of the characters are black. Mr D'Arcy[1] calls at the house and everyone is shocked that they aren't there to greet him. The script just has people saying "Mr D'Arcy! Mr D'Arcy!" for many, many pages. Eventually I get bored and wake up.

[1] That's how it was spelt in the dream