Monday, October 23, 2006

How many heads?

Now I have no comment on the new Gillette Fusion razor, which has five blades on one side for comfort and to spread pressure and one blade on the other to do the "tricky bits"[1]. However, in conjunction with this, Gillette have introduced Hydra Gel.

My first thought was is that what I think it is? as, after all, like all mythological beasts, the Hydra would be very heavily endangered. On the other hand, when you cut off one head, two more[2] grow to replace it, so, assuming the gel is made from a head, a near limitless supply would be available.

Nevertheless, two objections spring to mind; cruelty and the fact that the hydra's blood (or venom or gall) is hideously poisonous. No, really, really poisonous. The fish were unfit to eat for twenty stadia downstream of it's lair. Hercules used the Hydra's blood as poison on his arrows to kill Nessus, who tricked Hercules' wife into smearing some of Nessus' blood onto Hercules' tunic, and this killed Hercules; that's how poisonous.

So, anyway, if you're wondering why I've not leapt at the chance of using the latest developments in shaving technology, now you know.

(What? You don't think that's what Hydra means in this context? Perhaps so, but I'm keeping this blog a Lost-free zone.)

[1] Although it does seem as though half my face is a tricky bit most days.
[2] In some versions, merely one replacement.