Saturday, October 14, 2006

Dream Diary 3

First Dream: I'm in a mansion. Some kind of fairy/folk-tale competition is taking place, with ludicrous challenges to win a prize; it's probably a princess, but at other times it's something magic or a pirate's treasure chest.

The competition(s) makes no sense. One challenge I remember is a room full of contestants, and someone holds up a lemon. "This is a lemon" he says. We all stare at it. After a moment he says "Good". In another challenge, I'm in a room slowly filling with water and I have to do something. I'm not panicing at all, even though I have no idea what I'm supposed to do. But then it's not me, and I'm watching, and then I'm not watching anymore either.

Second Dream: A play is taking place in a hall, that later is a courtyard, of a junior school. Many of my friends are taking part in the play. It's suggested that the play is The Princess Bride although it clearly isn't. A swordfight takes place. The Princess spends an entire scene rolling on the floor, naked but covered in white makeup. Her acting is excellent[1]. A stand-up comic does a scene. Many speeches are made.

I find myself outside on a lawn, on a warm summer's evening. We're gossiping about our friends who were in the play. Someone notes that it had needed to be toned down for the schoolkids. Apparently it made a lot of money for the school. The actors, despite giving extraordinary perfomances, can't get work, partly it seems, because they only play that one role.

[1] For reasons of dream logic only, she reminds me of an actress I saw playing Ophelia in Hamlet about 17 years ago, and fell three-quarters in love with by the end of the play.