Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Would you like chips with that?

Ah, I'm getting a heavy spamload from the email address I use for this blog (and associated stuff). Nice to see it's all phishing spam[1] of some scam or another too. If any real humans want to contact me make sure you aren't congratulating me on winning the lottery or complaining I haven't sent you something you bought on ebay; you will be deleted.

On the offchance that spambots have attained self-awareness and are wasting their time parsing this blog:

I insist you ask for my consent before putting me into a lottery;
This address isn't used for any credit card, Paypal or bank accounts;
The item number for the "package" I haven't sent you comes up as a Ford Cobra on ebay;
Sending the ebay security "your account is being used for fraudulent trading" message a couple of days after the missing package complaint is a nice touch but I don't have an ebay account associated with this email.

[1] No Jim, this is not something that would appear in your tinned fish collection.