Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Links, Links, Glorious Links

I've finally got around to putting my series of "Unlikely Links" into the link field on the right. Any future ones will go there too, unless I forget, or can't be bothered or something. If you'd like your site to get a link there and gain the outside chance that one of my three readers will click on it when they're bored follow these simple steps:

1. Come up with something interesting and entertaining
2. Use this idea to create an interesting and entertaining webpage
3. Wait for me to stumble over it while I'm looking for cake recipes or pictures of unicorns or the text of the Genva Convention or whatever

Easy! Although in the interests of full disclosure I should point out that's not how I get linked to; that was due to an aggressive email-and-comment[1] campaign on other peoples sites. You could try that too, I guess. But then you'd be like me, and no-one wants that.

[1] I continue to comment at Monkey Fluids, partly because it seems to me to be a kind of competitive literary martial art. You can find my comments easily - I'm the one who isn't funny.
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