Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Blogging Schedule

Now the initial excitement has died down, I seem to have exactly the number of regular readers I predicted: three. (Hi!)

I've come down from the high partially induced by events related in this post, so expect postings to be shorter, less sugary-sweet and more cynical for a while. As I'll be away from home next week, they may also be infrequent (assuming I don't spend all my time in an stormswept internet cafe in Doncaster, in which case they'll probably be hourly). Before I go I hope to post on the following topics:

Sticks (been floating around for a while)
The Trial Part 2
The secret cache of books I found
Anne's birthday poem (still not done, although there is a poem about me not finishing it)

And elsewhere:

"Kung Fu Schnee" Outline Part 2
"Pornography" Script Part 1
Flying Freeholds and Gay Icons

Also: Steve Irwin died, apparently from a stingray barb through the heart. I never got to his zoo[1] when I was in Australia, mostly because I never got up into Queensland, but everyone who had been there raved about it.

[1] I did go to the national zoo in Canberra, which was very proud of it's big cats. I mean, only I could go to Australia and see snow leopards.