Sunday, October 06, 2013

365 Poems in 365 Days: Kids Comics Review

Number 259 is an acrostic review of a kids comic book.

Maybe you’ve not heard of Adventure Time
A cartoon about Jake the Dog and Finn the Human who
Roam the land of Ooo having, well, adventures. If that’s the
Case you might be adrift here – this is a spinoff with
Everything revolving around Marceline, a vampire who
Loves rock and roll. Her band in popular but disorganised.
In steps Princess Bubblegum as their manager to
Navigate the shoals of rock stardom, leaving her
Everyday job as ruler of the Candy Kingdom for a while.

All this could be a trainwreck, but the publisher
(Not a big one but Boom! Studios) choice of Meredith Gran to write and
Draw is the correct one. Each episode is one adventure/gig

That links to the next with the big climax being about
How the tensions of the tour have taken their toll on
Everyone and also the power of friendship (without quite being

Sugary-sweet to the point of being sickening.)
Confirmed Adventure Time fans I suggest you
Run, don’t walk to the shop and buy it now.
Everyone buy one! Other people, this is not really
A good introduction, but it’s fun and suitable
(Mostly) for kids, while still being clever and funny.

Quite by chance, adding this to my purchase
Upgraded my complimentary gift to a book bag.
Even though it’s not an Adventure Time one, still SCORE!
Enough fanboying about this; I love it, it’s
Neat, maybe you can borrow it if I
See you. The setting is fantasy, the characters are real.

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