Sunday, October 27, 2013

365 Poems in 365 Days: Elf King

I am the Dawnborn’s son, destined to rule
Lord of tunnels and hidden places.
The Elders are mistaken. I should be Elf-King.
I thought them too wise to be blinded
By the claims of bright Alixiana.

My supporters, my faction, are of the noblest
While hers are chaff scattered amongst the fey:
A roguish spy, a terrible black smith,
A silent tree farmer of the North,
Some who have spent centuries with mortals,
Others who follow her like smitten cats,
And that scarred lapdog who pretends
That every thought or action of his
Is not initiated by her
(Rumour says my mother... but no)
It is madness to choose one such as her
Tainted by the very world that threatens us.

I cannot believe it.
I do not believe it.
I should be king.
I will be king.

Number 299 is another Elf poem, a counterpart to this one. It references some of the others. Why not click on this link and read them all in an especially annoying order?

As an endnote, I haven't used any names in my Elf poems until now. I had the feeling that they would consider it rude. Which is why the fellow here has used Alixiana's.

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