Sunday, July 21, 2013

365 Poems in 365 Days: Elf Poems 5

5. Third Age, 7th Year. The War of Five Lands.

We ride to war.
Death is not our element
(My element is something else entirely)
But a century of practice
Can make a warrior of even peaceable fey.

Using our gifts for violence
Is not lightly done.
The gravest necessity -
Blasphemous use of death and magic –
Set us on this course.

It is my secret shame
That the first time I cut down
An enemy, I feel a terrible joy.
Battle is my home.

Poem 96 of 365. Our love story concluded with the previous poem (no really! It will never be mentioned again! Probably!) so now the war story begins. Now it should be come clear what the slightly awkward introduction of the School of the Evil Star was about. Foreshadowing people!
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