Sunday, July 21, 2013

365 Poems in 365 Days: Elf Poems 3

3. The Second Age, Seventeenth Cycle, Year of the Lost Ships

I meet my lover where the sun meets the sea
We shed the dignity of our immortality
Giggling like unfey, as heedless of propriety
As birds of the air; their mayfly courtships
Lasting mere days, their romances a season.
Later the fire burns down and we talk,
Arms wrapped around each other, enjoying the night.
Come dawn we will take on our responsibilities
Speak to our families, our clans, our elders.
Sing the songs, dance the steps
Give the feasts and the gifts
Honour promises and agreements
The web that binds fey to fey,
Fey to world and back again.
Tonight, though, is just the two of us.

Yes, they have sex. But what happens next? Poem 98 of 365.
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