Sunday, July 21, 2013

365 Poems in 365 Days: Elf Poems 4

4. The Second Age, Eighteenth Cycle, Year of the Quiet Forest

The Elders do not approve.
The Creation-born – those who remember
When the sky was innocent of sun or moon -
Have seen this before, they say.
They tell us our joining is a mistake
Their wisdom, gathered over millennia
Informs them that our bloodlines
And personalities cannot match
And our relationship end in tragedy and disaster.
We bow our heads and accept their judgement.
She leaves for the Gardens of the Eastern Sky.
I choose not to see her again.
I visit the House of the Evil Star
To hone my skills amongst the peaks
To become a warrior, to try and forget.

Yeah, the love story doesn't work out. See, elves are magic and in tune with fate and destiny and stuff. So if they get together and come to the conclusion that the relationship will end in tragedy and disaster, this isn't a maybe, or, unless you love each other super much. The couple know this will happen. So they walk away, choosing a new path. Which is what they would have done if they hadn't fallen in love.

The creation born are something I wanted to mention because Galadriel, in Lord of the Rings, was born in the First Age before the sun and moon were in the sky, and while the earth was still flat. Later it became round and stopped being lit by giant magic trees, and she lived through it. Crazy stuff, but that's what elf immortality is about; the world changes but you don't.

Poem 97.
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