Sunday, January 20, 2013

365 Poems in 365 Days: Tour de Memory

Number 14 which is about the bizarreness that is Armstrong's disqualification from races that were run over a decade ago, and then leaving the top spot blank. I mean, it would be pretty strange at this late date for some of these guys to suddenly be the winner, but if Armstrong had been disqualified after the race on 23 or 24 or 30 July 2000, Ullrich would definitely have been the winner. Or are there more drug revelations to come, and by revelations I mean, oh god, the time I spent actually following a sport was meaningless, and all I have to show for it is disjointed memories of sweating guys inching up mountainsides, followed by them swooping down at high speed, inches from cliff edges, breakaways in the hot sun, the peloton having an easy country bike ride until the last kilometre followed by a crazy sprint...

Anyway, my point is: I have a sad.

Do you remember in 2000
the race between Armstrong
And Jan Ullrich
Which was really tense
And exciting?

I do. But now Armstrong
12 years later
is disqualified
And Ullrich is still number two
With no number one

With Armstrong disqualified
There is a void
On top of the leaderboard
And in my memory
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