Thursday, January 03, 2013

365 Poems in 365 Days: Superheroics

This is an extended version of the origin story I declaim when people are standing around in awe and wonder at my superhuman eating abilities. I call it:

Man of Steel, Avenger


I was born
A stone's throw
From the largest steelworks in Europe

(Assuming that, like me, you can throw a stone
a mile and a half)

At that very moment
The accident changed me
My stomach is cast iron
My liver and kidneys stainless steel
My heart is a titanium alloy
And cannot be broken


I have, of course,
Sworn revenge on those responsible
For the accident that killed my parents,
Grandparents, sisters, uncle, aunts, cousins;
The doctors, nurses and other workers
And the patients in the hospital;
My father's comrades at the works
Everyone who lived in the town
And some who were just passing through that day

Whether it was greed
Lack of foresight
Or all or none of these
By the owners, the engineers, the regulators
The whole tangled mess
I will bring them to justice


And then on to my true enemy
Behind all this and more
Without whom there would be no accidents
The dark shadow behind misery and death

I will defeat my foe
And turn this world to iron
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