Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Poems With Class

So we overran and my homework poem didn't get workshopped so I'm not putting it up here. Back, back Willcox poetry fans, calm it down! Hanging my tutor in effigy won't get it up any quicker.

To tide you over, here's the stuff I wrote in class.

Assignment: in five minutes write a limerick, clerihew or acrostic, preferably one that might appeal to children.

Some of the kids on the bus
Were making a bit of a fuss
A girl lost her coat
Or maybe a goat
I'd kind of lost interest at last

As everyone in the entire world can see the last line doesn't work. The turn to nonsense in the fourth line is pretty good though.

Second Assignment: in five minutes write something based on the theme of Blue Monday[1], possibly using some of the forms above

So I go for an acrostic just because I can

Black outside
Light has gone
Under the sky
Everything's wrong

Morning's ended
Outside's dark
Nothing can be seen
Daylight's grey
A whole week to go
Yesterday's over
I'm channelling my inner 17 year old pretty full on there. As I noted the second time I read it, the start is pretty well polished, but it falls apart at the end as I was pushed for time and that makes it better. So look, the constraints improve the work. There's my personal lesson for the day.

Here's your assignment for the day: read poems out loud, preferably to an audience. If you don't want to read mine, (and, after all, who does?) then find some better ones by someone else. You're on the internet, find some goddamn poetry. That is all.

[1] Because this Monday is one of the several which is supposedly one of the most depressing in the year. Inevitably though I had this running in my head while writing (and I was the only one "How do I feel?" began another person's poem:

This then lead to me having this in my head for some of the rest of the class:

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