Monday, May 31, 2010


Dear Neil Hannon and The Divine Comedy,

I appreciate that times are hard and that inspiration is hard to come by. Also, even the best of ideas needs time and effort and talent to turn into a finished product of the quality that you have consistently created. Nevertheless I would have appreciated being credited when you took my 15 year old memories and turned them into your current single At The Indie Disco. I will be expecting a royalty statement at the end of the quarter.

Yours Sincerely,

Neil W

You know what? I'm wearing the There Is No Escape From Indie Disco Hell T-shirt I made back then even as I type this[1].

Actually, Neil Hannon's indie disco sounds a lot nicer than Pulse circa 1994. It has a poster of Morrissey! My version of the song would feature pints of Snakebite and Black, Steve sitting on a keep left sign, us moaning about the DJ while going there every Tuesday and a black painted, poorly ventilated concrete box of a dance room that had sweat dripping from the walls by the end. It was brilliant! We loved it.

One thing that strikes me is that Hannon's disco always finishes with Blue Monday[4]. This is an excellent choice, if perhaps a bit downbeat. Pulse always ended with the cathartic 8 minute Stone Roses epic, I Am The Resurrection. Except the week that Rob Collins from The Charlatans died when it ended on The Only One I Know. Playing a different last song from usual sounds trivial but felt surprisingly moving as a tribute.

[1] It seems to have shrunk though[2].
[2] What?[3]
[3] Surprisingly, it's the neck hole that feels most snug. My neck was never delicate and has only got thicker as the years have gone by, but it's almost uncomfortable.
[4] While searching for this, Youtube suggested I might like the Kylie/Blue Monday mashup I Can't Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head, a brilliant title and idea which is not as interesting as it sounds it should be.
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