Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year, New Post

In case anyone is reading this, two friends have websites that I have failed to plug. Firstly, Bertrand has Signs and Portents in which he puts up predictions etc. of the coming apocalypse. It's a quiet at the moment, but will undoubtedly pick up as people with even less knowledge of Mayan culture, Nostradamus and/or the Earth's magnetic field than me get over excited towards the end of the year. This then is your resource for all things eschatological.

Secondly, Dr Terror (although I know him as just plain Terror as that's what we called him when we were at school together) has begun reviewing 80s horror films at Dead Teenagers. I am merely a dabbler when it comes to horror films; in fact I have a slightly strange relationship with them. Every 2-3 months I get the urge to watch one, or sometimes two or three and then I realise I've had enough and go away again. This is unlike how I watch action films; explosions, car chases and witty half-liners hardly ever get old. So don't listen to me about horror movies, listen to Dr Terror.

If anyone has anything they think I should be reading let me know and I will be happy to advertise it to my single digit audience.

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