Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hallowe'en Saints: Saint Guinefort

Saint Guinefort was a greyhound.

I'll pause there for a moment.

Okay, Guinefort was a greyhound. Left one day to babysit a child, the parents returned to see the room in chaos and blood on Guinefort. Thinking he had killed and eaten the child they slew Guinefort. Then they heard a sound, and under the cot was the child, unharmed, and a dead viper. Guinefort had saved the kid! Regretting what they'd done, they gave Guinefort an honourable burial. Then miracles started to happen!

I'm thinking a dog costume with a halo, and, as a prop, a snake.

Unsurprisingly the cult of Saint Guinefort has been officially suppressed by the Catholic church.
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