Friday, October 29, 2010

Hallowe'en Saints: Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas performed so many miracles that he is sometimes called Nicholas the wonderworker. As an example, during famine, a villainous butcher lured 3 small boys to his house, where he slaughtered and butchered them, intending to pass them off as ham. Nicholas, in the area to try and relieve the situation with the aid of the grace of god, saw through this, brought the butcher to justice and then resurrected the boys.

His most famous intervention was for a poor man and his three virtuous daughters. Having no money for dowries, the daughters would remain unmarried, and, with no means of support, probably have to turn to prostitution. Nicholas, rather than shaming the family with charity slipped a purse of gold down the chimney, where the daughters were drying their stockings.

Saint Nicholas should not be confused with Old Nick.

Saint Nicholas
Greenwich Workshop Fine Art

Saint Nicholas, like Saint Elmo, has a theme song.

Clearly white beard, red clothes, and a big sack full of food is the costume indicated here. And for God's sake don't eat the ham!
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