Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hallowe'en Saints: Saint George

Saint George was a soldier in the Roman army. Diocletian[1] ordered that all Christian soldiers be arrested if they would not sacrifice to the pagan gods. George was the most senior Christian to refuse. Diocletian offered him land, money and slaves, to sacrifice, but George refused. As those of you who have followed this series might expect, next came torture (which involved a wheel of swords) and finally beheading.

But before all that, he killed a dragon!

St George
15th Century Icon

Although tempted by the wheel of swords, for this costume, I suggest tradition. Have a friend dress up as Godzilla[2] and hassle the young ladies. Then arrive in armour, with a white surcoat with red cross, and "slay" the dragon with a collapsible lance.

As today is Hallowe'en, this brings an end to this series of brief descriptions of saints and my thoughts on how to costume as them.

[1] Him again!
[2] Or Mechagodzilla
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