Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Conversation Of The Day

One of the Year 10s who has been blocking me out turned around today and asked for help! In fact she demanded it; just as aggressive when doing the right thing as the wrong thing. However that's not the conversation of the day:

Mum [waving an envelope which, from it's stiffness appears to contain a card of some sort]: Hey, you've got a stiffie!
Me [thinking carefully before replying]: I don't think... that's quite... how I would describe it.
Mum: That's what we used to call it when someone got a card or invitation.
Me: I think it's a wedding invitation. But I won't be calling them that.

Ah, the changing use of English. In other news I now have a classroom key and can get in (and out) of classrooms without having to ask for help. Yay!
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