Wednesday, April 22, 2009

(Overheard) Conversation Of The Day (and runner-up)

Overheard Conversation of the Day:

One (loudly from 5 metres behind me as I Follow Miss V_ down the corridor): Is that Miss' boyfriend?
Two (equally loudly and equally close) : No it's just some maths guy.

Yes, I am just some maths guy. In addition, a swift glance at Miss V_'s finger jewelry might have indicated to them that, despite going by Miss, she is in fact a married lady.

In a break with tradition here is the runner-up for conversation of the day:

Pupil: Why weren't you in our maths lesson today?
Me: Which period was it?
Pupil: Period one.
Me: I was with 10y1 instead.
Pupil: That's so rude.
Me (muttering apologetically): Sorry.
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