Monday, April 16, 2018

I Read Books: Queen of Angels

After Quantico I go on to another Bear novel whose title begins with the letter Q. This is a multi-stranded look into the nature of self-awareness; three of them related to a murder in 2047 Los Angeles and one about an artificially intelligent spacecraft that is investigating alien life around Alpha Centauri.

Partly because it is about the nature of inner life, the country of the mind, it gets quite strange. It touches on voudon and uses future slang and wildly different styles in each thread. A complex and confusing, though rewarding book.

Read This
: For some interesting thoughts on the future (and present) of society, crime and justice, and models of mental processes.
Don’t Read This: If complicated ideas expressed incompletely and in some cases a deliberately stylised manner is not what you want in your fiction.

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