Monday, August 12, 2013

365 Poems in 365 Days: A Return To Elf Poems

I am silence and shadow and cannot be seen by mortal eyes
When I hunt the prey is always taken by surprise
Men have asked if it’s magic or decades of skill
I answer that a century in a forest will
Teach you it’s secrets no matter the season
Tracks and trails and hiding places for all reasons
And they teach you in the Cherry Blossom Temple
The skills of hunting and scouting, physical and mental
So they depart thinking they could be as good as an elf
If they just lived long enough, keeping their health
Now I am invisible in their city, the unseen spy
I am silence and shadow and protected by lies

Another Elf Poem. New narrator, although not as different as I hoped. Still, he smiles and is friendly and lies, which is a little new. The Cherry Blossom Temple is actually inspired by a drink. Number 109.
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