Thursday, May 30, 2013

365 Poems in 365 Days: You Know, For Kids

This, number 69, I wrote for my class when we did children's poetry.

Jonathan Clean

Let me show you Mister Jonathan Clean
The most villainous man that you've ever seen
He spits in the gutter and smokes on the bus
And when we're noisy, he makes a fuss
He wears a horrible hairy green suit
And leers at the women that he thinks are cute
He says that our language drives him to despair
In a sentence that's filled with really bad swears
He's nasty and stupid and ever so rude
Of all the passengers he has the worst attitude
He yelled at a puppy on the way to the vet
I won't sit by him, even on a bet
He has a nose like an elephant and a voice like a duck
And moans when we're late because of bad luck
He tried to get us thrown off only last week
Just 'cos we're playing hide and go seek
His stop is coming so watch a bit more 
It's possible his briefcase is glued to the floor
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