Wednesday, May 29, 2013

365 Poems in 365 Days: In Which I Complain About An Obsidian Entertainment Product From Nearly A Decade Ago

 Number 64. This is not great, but fortunately this is not a 365 good poems project. This might explain why I am behind on poem writing, but probably not really.

I played Knights of the Old Republic
2: The Sith Lords, a Star Wars Computer
Roleplaying Game from 2004
With a famously disappointing ending
And I was disappointed by the ending

It was rushed, clearly unfinished
Dangling threads were taken up then
Left dangling even more annoyingly
The villain was cool, but to allow
My choices to do anything it made their
Plan completely nonsensical and
My choices ended up being nothing

There is a fan made mod that uses
Unfinished resources hidden in the
Game files; they promise that it has
The ending it should always have had.

I am wary. And weary. Perhaps I will
Download and play again or perhaps not
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