Monday, March 04, 2013

365 Poems in 365 Days: Silence

A friend put this up on Facebook. I didn't and explain why in this poem. Number 34.

A friend put something onto Facebook
A message and picture, when I looked,
Asking people to break silence on miscarriage.
I did nothing. I have both too much and too little baggage.

I know women who miscarried and dealt
With it in a variety of ways; rebuilt
Broken lives and strained relationships -
But these aren't my stories so my mouth stays zipped.

Not a woman, this can only effect me second hand.
It's a topic I shouldn't talk, only listen (and
I might upset my pregnant Facebook friends;
Like a coward that was my excuse in the end)

So here's the thing; this is not my silence to break.
I'm here to listen, speak up for pities sake.
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