Thursday, March 28, 2013

365 Poems in 365 Dasy: Tangerines

Poem 39 of 365. Not only is this a true story, but I could have written another one about a school trip involving radishes, which would otherwise be pretty much the same. I may even do that if I get short of ideas or wildly behind in this project, like only 39 poems on the 87th day of the year. Anyway this was a free verse I rejected for the creative writing class.

School Trip

I peel the tangerine
And I don’t need to listen
To all the voices
Squealing and yelling around me

The lunchroom on this school trip
Away from the public
Has heavy doors to keep the noise in
As well as the pupils

The orange melts away
In my mouth, a moment
Of refreshing peace
Amongst the loudly lunching kids

I pull a second tangerine out
And answer the question put to me
“I like tangerines.”
They look at me as though this is the strangest thing they’ve ever seen.
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