Monday, March 05, 2012

Teenage Popstar Girl Fanfic

So one of the guys who runs a website I frequent is in a band and they've recorded an album, released a single and have a music video.

Obviously the video leaves dangling plot threads that I have attempted to tie up with some fanfic, previously only available in the comments of the post linked to above. But now it's here as well.

Teenage Popstar Girl Fanfic 1.0

For fifteen years I had worked on her. My Pop Idol, my Idoru, my Electric Barbarella. I had built her from scraps and spares, fed her on MTV and commercial radio. She was a perfect souless incarnation of pop, empty of everything thing while making it look like All Is Full Of Love.

"Why do you want to throw her away? She has years of life left in her."

The executive smiled. "She was an excellent prototype. But model 2.0 can be mass-produced and tests reveal she is 17% more attractive to boys, increasing the profit margin of the product."

"But why not let 1.0 run out her normal lifespan? She has conquered the world (of pop)."

The smile reached the executive's eyes and she leant forward, whispering. "The World Is Not Enough."

Teenage Popstar Girl Fanfic 2.0

"Mom, Dad. You remember cousin Poppy. Like we agreed, she's staying with us for the summer."

"Yes," said Mom and Dad. "This is cousin Poppy here to stay with us for the summer."

"Good," I said, "Now if you call us in an hour for lemonade and cookies, that'll be just fine."

They left.

"How did you do that?" asked Teenage Popstar Girl. "It's almost as though... but no."

I reached under my sweatshirt and pulled out that strangely named square disk and showed it to her. "Just this once."

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