Monday, March 05, 2012

Read Now

Today is the last day that Faith Erin Hicks' comic Friends with Boys is online for free. After today you have to pay cash-money for it. So if you want to read about Maggie, who has been homeschooled until the age of 14 and is starting school today, her elder brothers, the people she meets, a ghost, the film Alien, an 18th century prosthetic hand, a daring heist and the attempts her broken family make to recover, then go there now. I did and do not regret it. It has excellent art, interesting stories and an ending that is as true as a ghost story can be. Maybe as true as only a ghost story can be? Perhaps.

More Faith Erin Hicks on the film Alien can be found here, with no timelimit. That is all.
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