Friday, July 15, 2011

The Last Thing I Have To Say About Harry Potter

Here's my brief summary of the Harry Potter series for those of you who've forgotten.

Harry Potter and the Stone Philosopher

Harry discovers a talking statue of Wittgenstein. Harry is unable to understand what it says.

Harry Potter and the Secret of Chambers

Harry thinks Statue of Wittgenstein is telling him information about a suite of rooms. Eventually he gets them assigned to him and discovers a secret!

Harry Potter and the Ass Cabana Prison

Following the events in Secret, Harry is sent to a tropical island and is made a guard at a traditionally built jail for donkeys. There he uncovers more secrets and engineers a daring jailbreak!

Harry Potter and the Fire of Goblets

Clues from Statue of Wittgenstein, the Chamber and the Magic Donkey has lead Harry to the obvious conclusion; he must gather lots of wooden beakers and burn them, before Voldemort gets his hands on them!

Harry Potter and the Phoenix of Order

Rising from the flames, the Phoenix of Order has put Voldemort to flight. But regrouping, they are more dangerous than ever. The Phoenix leaves some cryptic clues to Harry's next quest!

Harry Potter and the Prince Half-Blood

Thanks to the Phoenix of Order, Harry and his friends have corrected the imbalance in magic and restored it to it's true power. It is still at risk, unless the lost heir to magic royalty can be found. Can they find the last prince before Voldemort?

Harry Potter and the Hallowed Death

Harry is the True Heir, the King Who Was Promised. But he is also the Sacrifice Who Goes Willingly; as king, he must be willing to lay down his life for his people. Will he do it? Or will Voldemort steal his death, make Harry immortal breaking the compact and destroy the line of kings forever?
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