Friday, April 29, 2011

Clara's Cakes

This is based on a true story. It is not a true story itself, which is why the names have been changed.


Steve: Clara, I hear your cheesecake is delicious.

Clara: Thanks. Would you like me to make you one?

Steve: Please.

Clara: Baileys cheesecake or cookies and cream?

Steve: Ooh, Baileys.


Clara (by email): I like that plan - maybe I could make Steve a guiness cake to distract him from the fact I've still not made him a bailey's cheesecake yet

Steve (by email): Mmmmm Guinness Cheesecake

Rita (by email): Hmm. Chocolate guiness cake. It just so happens I could rustle one up in no time at all...[1]

2010, New Year Eve, Steve and Val's house

Clara : Hello! I've brought a Baileys cheesecake.

Val: Thanks Clara!

Steve[2](mutters): About time

Later that evening

Nigel: Clara, your cheesecake is delicious!

Clara: Thanks.

Nigel: Would you make me one?

Clara: Sure.
Clara takes out her order book and opens it to page 2.
Clara: Baileys or cookies and cream?

The End

[1] Actual emails
[2] There was an actual Steve present so to avoid confusion I will refer to him as Stu if he appears
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