Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Legendary 007 Wit (Or At Least Half Of It)

The man at the all-night garage was not as sleepy as Colonel Johns said he would be.

'Goin' huntin', mister?'

You can get far in North America with laconic grunts. Huh, hun, and hi! in their various modulations, together with sure, guess so, that so? and nuts! will meet almost any contingency.

Bond, slinging the strap of his rifle over his shoulder, said 'Hun.'

'Man got a fine beaver over by Highgate Springs Saturday.'

Bond said indifferently 'That so?' paid for two nights and walked out the garage.
For Your Eyes Only, Ian Fleming

Really Bond, it may be 3 AM, but did you hear what he said? 'Man got a fine beaver...'? There's loads of room to slip a double entendre in there. I can only hope Bond becomes as amusing as this minor character elsewhere in the series.
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