Monday, June 15, 2009

Television Score For Last Week

As previously noted I've been attempting to watch television, a task so simple that five year olds can manage it unassisted, but which has been causing me difficulty. Let's see how I've done for the week 7-13 June!

7 June: South Pacific. Strange Islands, the penultimate episode. Fantastic visuals, slightly disjointed structure, which mostly seemed to say "Hey, look at this weird creature!". The tree kangaroo story was interesting though. 1 hour.

8 June: Ashes to Ashes. The series finale, so it can be dropped from future lists. Plenty of shooting and character stories being finished. Not enough Gene Hunt lines. And Alex Drake gets shot in the head by the last person you'd expect[1]! 1 hour.

9 June: Dollhouse. A heist goes wrong due to a double cross. Who could have predicted! Some clever use of the mind-swapping idea. 1 hour.

10 June: Lie to Me. This is actually the previous week's episode, which I caught up with. Sadly I was too exhausted by my television watching to watch that week's during the week. Anyway, episode 4 and there's a change to the format; instead of two stories in parallel the team are all concentrating on a shooting at the wedding of the South Korean ambassador. 1 hour.

So I aimed for 4 hours and got four hours. This week, I still need 4 hours; Ashes to Ashes has finished, but I'm one behind on Lie to Me. Will I succeed? Join me next week for the most boring television blogging on the internet.

[1] It's David Bowie! No, not really.
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