Sunday, June 07, 2009

I Watch Television Instead Of Having A Life

Up until maybe three and a half hours ago I was attempting to watch three one hour first show current television programs per week[1], and my maximum score was 2 hours and 10 minutes per week. On the one hand, this is pretty pathetic as two of them get repeated at least once per week. Compared to the kids I work with of course, this is a unimaginably small amount of regular television[6]. Nevertheless it seems to be more than I can keep up with.

Then I made the mistake of watching the repeat of the first episode of Lie To Me, starring Tim Roth as the guy who has spent twenty years learning how to read expressions. Three hours later, I'd watched the "catch up" of the first three episodes. I don't know if there's enough there to keep me watching for a second series, or even for the whole of the first one, but now I have FOUR hours of TV I want to watch a week.

Damn it.

[1] For those keeping score the programs are South Pacific[2], Ashes to Ashes[3], and Dollhouse[4].
[2] Not the film, which has been idiosyncratically reviewed here, but the BBC TV documentary series my friend Caitlin worked on.
[3] A time-travelling cop show sequel to time travelling cop show Life On Mars.
[4] Joss Whedon's identity-swapping TV show which, if pressed, I'd suggest is, among other things, a response to[5] the identity questions raised by Richard Morgan in his Takeshi Kovacs novels.
[5] Or maybe a response to the things Morgan is responding to, but let's not get too caught up in who is responding to what.
[6] On the other hand at least two of them have no idea what Time Team is, so I have no idea what the hell kind of TV they watch. The conversation went something like:

[Me]: What do you want to do for your work experience?
[Pupil E, or, possibly, B{7}]: I want to do something history related, or if I can't do that, with a beautician.
[Me]: You want something like the Kent Archaeological Trust or like that?
[Pupil E, or B]: Yeah, that's what I hoping for.
[Pupil K]: What does archaeological mean?
[Me, after boggling for a moment]: I don't know, have you ever watched Time Team on TV?
[Pupil K]: Err, No.
[Me, boggling still more]: Okay, well, archeology is where you dig historical things up. Most of the stuff in museums has been dug up. Archaeologists are experts in this stuff, so they can tell when it's from.

This boggled me as Pupil K isn't usually as ignorant as she seems to be from this conversation. We then got into what you might get if you dug up my parent's house, and the kind of things you find in museums.
{7}: This pupil is mostly known by her surname for reasons that have been inadequately explained to me.
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