Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Other places I talk nonsense on the internet; or why this hasn't been pdated recently

I've not been posting here a lot recently. One reason is that I haven't had too much to say, although that hasn't stopped me before. However, one liners and posts aimed at small numbers of people are tending to go over to one of the many ways of aggravating people on Facebook. I've also begun a group blog[1] for reviewing things, mainly bad sci-fi from our movie nights. You can find this under the name Heckler and Kochk - we watch bad sci-fi so you don't have to. This is soaking up any reviews I write, and rather than writing procrastinating non-review posts as I have done here, I wait until just before the next movie night and rush out a poorly researched post, often with more theology than you might expect.

Still I've got a couple of posts lined up for here. Night of the Hats - not dead yet.

[1] Currently just two of us so I think it may usually be known as a shared blog, or possibly we're duo-blogging
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